Healthy Dessert Recipes!

French Desserts That Make You Feel Great!

Healthy dessert recipes don't have to be boring! These French desserts aren't only good for you, but also amazing to eat!

There are definitely times when we want to be careful of what we're eating. These French healthy dessert recipes will take extra-special care of your body, without making you feel like you're missing out on something better!

So, whatever kind of health you're looking for, you're sure to find it here!

Do you want heart-smart desserts ? Your heart will fall in love with these delights!

Maybe you want to find an amazing French recipe for low carb desserts?

Here's one of my favorite French healthy dessert recipes:

Mango Banana Delight…
Soothes the Mind, Body, and Palette!

Délice aux Mangues et aux Bananes… Paradise in a bowl!

This little treasure is light, low-calorie, low-sugar, low-carb, low-cholesterol… and it doesn't stop there… it's sumptuous and succulent… beautiful and elegant… and wait!…don't fall off your chair… it's quick and easy too!!! Yes, I agree, it's rather ideal.

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Ingredients (4 people):

1 Ripe Mango
1 Ripe Banana
1 tsp. Lemon Juice
1 tsp. Sugar (or Splenda)
1/2 Cup Raspberries
2 Cups Fromage Blanc - low fat or non fat (if you can't find authentic fromage blanc, use cottage cheese, it's just as good, and almost just as French!)
1 tsp. Apricot Jelly (or 1 tsp. Sugar or Splenda)

How to Make It:

1. In a bowl, stir lemon juice and 1tsp. sugar. It keeps the fruits fresh and colorful!
2. Slice Mango and Banana. Put in bowl with lemon juice and delicately stir, so that fruits are evenly covered.
3. In a finely-meshed strainer, press raspberries with the back of a spoon. Keep pressing and rubbing until all the juice has been extracted… the strainer should be thin enough to catch the seeds.
4. In a small pot, on a low flame, melt apricot jelly with raspberry juice. Stir. Taste, and if you want to add a little sugar or splenda, go ahead.
5. Distribute fromage blanc, or cottage cheese, into individual bowls. Cover with fruits, and then with raspberry sauce.

NB: Fromage Blanc (White Cheese) is a French staple. Tastes like cottage cheese, has the same texture as sour cream. There is also a "non-beaten" country version that has the exact same texture as cottage cheese. So, don't feel any less authentic if you decide to use cottage cheese. Au contraire, you'll be all the more rustic!


Of course, this French healthy dessert recipe can be made with all different kinds of fruits. I really like the mango/banana/raspberry combination, but please, use your own creativity and imagination as well!

Serving Ideas:

Go with the flow of your desired setting!
If you want super-elegant, use large wine glasses, or small crystal dessert bowls.
Chic-casual, use individual ramekins or small bowls.
Family-style for larger groups, you might want to use one large serving dish.

Whatever you choose, you're bound to hear lots of "oohs" and "ahhs"!

French Healthy Dessert Recipes win the day! Or the night!

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