Luscious French Dessert Recipes...
and So Easy to Make!

These divine French dessert recipes will make the perfect ending to any meal. So good, you might not be able to wait until after dinner! In fact, I like some French dessert recipes for breakfast... but, shhh!

I have organized these easy recipes into the following groups which you will find just below. So, whatever ones spark your fancy, just click on the corresponding links. If you would like even more possibilities, just take a quick look at the menu options to your left.

In any case, all of these delicious and easy French dessert recipes guarantee success and many smiles!!!

After all, who ever said that French desserts have to be difficult? Non! It's just that they always look difficult... because they are so good! And... so beautiful!

Bon Appétit!!!

Flan Recipes: Flans are a wonderful dessert -- something of a pudding or a custard. Most often made with different fruits, the possibilities for different flavors are endless... enjoy!!!

Rice Puddings: A creamy classic treat... baked or boiled... guaranteed to leave everyone begging for more!

Chocolate Desserts: Are you a fellow chocolate lover? If so, these chocolate French dessert recipes are guaranteed to take you straight to heaven!!!

Crepes: This classic makes everyone happy and the possibilities are endless... from fruit to chocolate to ice cream!

French Toast: Sometimes it's difficult to draw the line between an extra special breakfast and an extra delicious dessert! Up to you to decide!

Super Quick French Dessert Recipes If you don't have all that much time, but you still want to impress, take a look at these wonders!!!

It is an enormous joy to share these wonderful recipes with you! They have brought me many happy and unforgettable moments in the kitchen, and afterwards at the table... I hope that they will do the same for you!

As always, is proud to be your personal and authentic guide!

Enjoy! And... Bon Appétit!